Friday, September 28, 2012

MDS Blog Hop Friday - Pinterest Case!

This week has been such a case of BAD luck week! Fresh back from vacation and one after another MAJOR problem has occurred. I feel overwhelmed and drained. But thru it all, this man stood by my side dealing with each trial together like we always have. So today's page is one that I worked on while we were on vacation when I had my "MDS" playtime and it seems fitting to use it today of all days. I won't go much into details cause I just plainly can not remember cause of my zombie-like status. A do-nothing weekend is in store for me.
I tried to go find the original page on Pinterest and could not find it. I will try later and add here. :(
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stampinjul said...

Hope you enjoy your "do nothing" weekend! You are very blessed to have a great guy! This page is really sweet!