Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MDS Blog Hop - Goodbye Elementary School!

 Our countdown to the end of school has begun! We have 13 days left! Can you believe it!?
 It also means 13 more days of our beloved Elementary School. I just love that school, the staff and the people. I was really involved there where my oldest Megan was in the school and I worked completely from home. I would volunteer to do reading, book fairs, make copies, all field trips, etc. My husband has been more involved with our youngest Allison's field trips in the years past. Many teachers jump for joy when they see that he has signed up to go on one. Not kidding! 
On the front, I made my own designer series paper to do the alphabet background which was made with a stamp brush image repeated over and over.  The apple was colored with the color tool - LOVE IT! Just noticed I forgot to add the freeform highlight to the inside apple. Double doo-doo! (yes, I love Grease- heehee)
I got these cute cards printed on May 1st as soon as the 25% print promo started and they should be here by Friday. I hope! I plan to give one to all the special people at the school that we have worked with over the past several years, staff and faculty. We will miss them!
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beth rush said...

what a sweet idea for the teachers! and a great idea to make your own background paper!