Thursday, August 7, 2008

Disney Tip Thursday

Do you ever look at the DisneyWorld Magic Your Way ticket purchasing and feel totally lost and confused? Another secret of mine and a money saver in the long run if you choose to do so, is another favorite website. If you have young children who love Disney, plan on going to WDW several times is the near future, love WDW and go all the time, then I highly recommend you buy the 10 day pass (park hopper optional add on) with NO EXPIRATION. Big budget crunch now, but long run savings. Yes, it is $453.95 for adults, but when you divide by 10, that's $45.40 per day. A 3 day expiring pass from the same website is $74.65 a day! You save almost $30 a day! Another thing with no expiration is that when Disney raises their prices every year, it will not effect you because you bought them at the cheaper price! You could use your passes in ten years from now and still at the lower price. They never expire! Update: OUCH! Disney just announced on August 3rd a ticket pass price increase! They do it every first of August since 2006. Now if that is not an option in your budget at this time, this website is still the best for ticket pricing. Check out what fits your needs for the trip (how many days in the parks) and budget. They ship out next day and are trustworthy ticket dealers. Their prices are slightly discounted and NO tax and FREE shipping. Unless you need to have them at last minute but you can pay extra for shipping next day. We have used them several times. Best ticket tip ever! Take a photo of the back of your pass with the pass numbers. Or write the number down and put in a safe place. Then if you lose the pass, at the parks or resorts can print you a new one with the remaining days on it. DH forgot/lost his pass at the Fast Pass Gate machine in Magic Kingdom. He went to the Services Desk in the park. They could see on their computer that he did the fast pass on his ticket and renewed his pass for him. Another way to trace it. I also take photo of my photopass card with the numbers in case the photographer or I forget to get it/give it back. I will tell you more about Photopass another time. That's it for today! More Disney tips next week! Have a magical day! Cindy Leave a comment if you have a Disney question or would like me to cover a certain Disney topic in the near future.

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