Thursday, March 26, 2009

Disney Tip Thursday

why DVC? continued....
Another link is to another explanation of the DVC program. It covers the same basics as the other link but not as funny. Love the "need the Excedrin yet?" at the end of each topic in the article!
Since we have owned DVC since 2004, our vacations that we have taken have more than covered our contract amount. Example: Our DVC contract 17,000
Hotel cost for 2004 trip $ 1580
Hotel cost for 2005 trip $ 3950
Hotel cost for 2005 Christmas trip $ 9450
Hotel cost for 2006 trips $ 3150
Hotel cost for 2007 trip $ 2540
Hotel cost for 2008 trip $ 2725
Grand total in just hotel bills would have been $ 23,395.00! More than $6,000 over our contract amount to date!
We know that we still 33 years left on our contract! And yes, this can be willed to our girls to have and enjoy with their own families one day.
I am going to cover the reason why we bought into DVC ownership:
#1 Disney luxury resorts! You get larger accomadations then just your regular hotel room. Friendly Disney high quality service too! You can basically just stay at the resort all week and never go to DisneyWorld and you still have that Disney feeling of being there!
#2 They also have other resorts that are not on Disney property. Examples Hilton Head, Vero Beach and soon expanding out to California and Hawaii! Rumor are that they are looking at Myrtle Beach next.
#3 We can book 7 to 11 months in advance! Yes it is great when you love to plan out every detail for your vacation. I have gotten better about this and have become more flexible in this area.
#4 We can sort of prepay for our vacations! We would have to budget each month to save up for one vacation anyways so why not do it this way.
#5 Guaranteed vacation each year whether to Disney or the beach! Some times we can even manage to do two trips during off peak times and in a studio room for less point usage. This is the first year, we have banked our points in to the next year. Going to save up points to hit Hawaii once it opens!
One of the things I love the best is when we arrive to the resort and they check our ids at the gate for check in....they say "Welcome Home Schuster Family!" I sometimes response with a "Thank you! It's good to be home!" Heehee!
If you have any further questions about DVC, please email me at and I can try to answer them from my experience with DVC.
Have a magical day!

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