Thursday, March 5, 2009

Better today :o)

Thanks for the comments, emails and calls about our Molly Sue! She is doing so much better. Monday was awful, Tuesday was slow and Wednesday was better. As of this morning, she is able to walk in and out on her own, she can eat and keep it down, she does not have the rapid eye side to side movement, and she was begging at the dinner table last night so I guess she is back to her old self. She does still have the head tilt and "drunken" walking as we call it. So we will continue to watch her thru the weekend. Vet said that this disease does not reoccur and by two weeks she will fully be back to normal. The cause of it is unknown but I am just glad that it is NOT a brain tumor. She has been spoiled rotten these past few days with extra love and attention. I have been working on some new things to show here and some classes to hold later this month, 2 in April and 2 in May. I hope to post the March class tomorrow. It is sooooo cute! Thanks for checking in! Cindy

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