Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Disney Tip Tuesday

The TOP 5 Things to do at Hollywood Studios in DisneyWorld! #5 Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure - Hubby is such a big kid when he get around this one! It is a larger then life experience on the creative playset where you can run around and cool down, too. Some examples: Large, chattering ants that you can ride on Convoluted anthills and mazes to explore and hide in A spider web/maze with climbing ropes A slide made to look like a canister of Kodak film A giant sniffing dog nose that sprays mist #4 Muppet Vision 3-D - A 25 minute show in a hilarious 3-d film starring the Muppets. Including those old farts Statlor and Waldorf who complain about everything! It also has a cute entrance and funny 12 minute intro before you go into the theater. And yes, you wear yellow 3-D glasses to see the show. #3 Playhouse Disney Live on Stage - This 22 min show brings the stars of the Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney television shows, geared to preschoolers, together to entertain Walt Disney World guests with music, songs and stories of friendship. You see Handy Manny, Pooh, Little Einsteins and Mickey and his gang! Very awesome show for younger kids! But I miss Bear in the Big Blue House who was in the original show. #2 Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith! - This ride ROCKS! It includes a high-speed launch that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. It blows you away! Then your in the dark, twisting and turning over with Aerosmith music screaming in your ears. AWESOME!!!!! You must be 48" to ride this and Megan absolutely loves this ride! Allison is not tall enough and she would not like it right now at her age. So we get the parent swap which works well in Megan favor as she gets to ride it twice! #1 Toy Story Midway Mania! - Our top would have been Rock'n'Roller Coaster but this new ride has taken over our #1 spot. Think of Buzz Lightyear ride in 4-D! You can read more about the ride here: Toy Story Midway Mania - Disney's Hollywood Studios and be sure to read the Touring Tips! It is only a 5 min ride so you will want to ride it over and over again. It is a blast! Thanks for checking out our Disney Top 5 today! Next up is Top 5 Breakfast meals at Disneyworld! Have a magical day! Cindy

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