Monday, July 27, 2009

Made for Monday

I am playing catch up this week on some items and cards that I made last month. This is the Father's Day card that I made for my Dad. He just was back from a 2 week motorcycle ride to the Midwest/Plains area and back. I found the motorcycle with a blue tank and thought that I needed to change it. So I pulled the tank off the dimensional sticker and traced it and replaced it with the orange one. (My Dad has also a burnt orange 2001 Plymouth Prowler, so the Dusty Durango is his favorite)
Then I made this frame for him. Found the dimensional stickers at Micheals and just placed them on the black frame. These are the guys on the ride in front of the snow peaks in Wyoming. From left to right: Tommy, my Uncle Steve, My Dad and Ron. The Wild Hogs!
Have a magical day!


Anonymous said...

Very cool, Cindy! Great frame for the Pict, love it.
Pat XX

Hidden_Treasures1 said...

Awesome frame idea and the wild Hogs LOOK COLD as..well you get it! Nice job Cindy! Nice to see the picture too!