Thursday, September 17, 2009

Disney Tip Thursday

Well, we are heading out for our Disney trip this weekend! I already started the packing process - Schuster style on this past Sunday. Done: *Luggage out and airing after Febreeze sprayed. :o) A must! *Swim bag and towels packed. Bringing 8 beach towels. *Laundry basket filled with kitchen supplies needed to cook meals in the room. Such as griddle, *mickey shape for pancakes, large pot for spaghetti, extra cooking utensils, salt/pepper/powdered sugar/regular sugar, Clorox wipes, coffee filters, etc. Then I can use the basket for dirty laundry while we are there. *Schedule updated with dining reservation numbers and temporary itinerary. I created a Word file that I use for each trip and then just update dates and activities. *Laundry mostly done and clothes picked (Howard and Megan still have to finish their pile). *Booster seats for Alexa and Allison. Still to do: *Picking out DVDs to watch on the road and in the room. I try to make them take Disney classics but that never works. *Select things to do for the road trip. Each girl filled a small backpack or bag of their stuff like IPOD or MP3, DVDs (they have a CD case that holds only 12 DVDs and that is all they get to take- no arguing), coloring books and markers, book to read, and a journal notebook. *Pack camera and re-charge batteries. Bring extra batteries. *Final load of laundry - unless I decide to pack and wash there. Therefore bring small bottle of Tide. *Print Molly's schedule for those who will be watching her and feeding her. *Pack the Disney stuffed animals, glow sticks, character books, ponchos, coin album and anything else that we buy each year from Disney. That way the girls will not want to buy those things again. *Buy and wash T-shirts for costumes at Halloween party. (Wait til you see what we are doing! :oP) I found a packing list on All Ears and wrote down the things that applied to our family. (I think I did a list on this blog way last year too.) So then I have a final check list that Allison will get to check off as we pack on Friday. Have a magical day!


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