Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ribbon Storage Solution

I am always looking for storage solutions for my stamping/crafting/scrapbook supplies.  I saw this idea on Ebay or some card magazine but done on a circle board.  I wanted to have it on a shelf of mine so I did it on a longer board.  I went to my local hardware store and bought a 7/16" dolle rod at 48" long and a 1x4x2 piece of board.  I asked my Dad to drill out the holes for the rod equally apart.  Then he inserted the rods which where cut at 12" to make 4.  He used wood glue to make them secure.  Once it dried and was sanded down, done!  I did have to cut some of the holes in the ribbons wider to fit the rods.  I took this to my scrapbook weekend and all loved the idea. 
A tip I thought of once I got home was to add binder clips to the top of the rods to hold the ribbons securely on while traveling with it.  Also you will see that I use push pins to hold the ribbon in place once I have opened the ribbon.  I like this better than using tape to hold the ribbon.
Have a magical day!


Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Amanda Morris said...

Neat idea, Cindy. I like that it's portable, too!