Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two = ONE

I found these two ideas on different websites and when I put them together, I get ONE GREAT SUPER CUTE storage idea!

This idea was found on the Better Home and Gardens web site under "craft storage solutions" idea slide show. (Thanks Reenie!)  I went by Michael's yesterday and picked up some of these cardboard floss in the needlepoint/sewing dept.  They were $1.99 for 56 of them.  I needed a few more so I just traced one as a template on some cardboard package from paper packs and cut them out.  They are AWESOME when you have less than a yard ribbon!

Then I found this awesome and cute website called eighteen25.   These are three sisters that have 11 kids between them and they are creative and crafty moms!  I took these covered plastic storage box idea and made it my own to label my boxes for my ribbons, brads, buttons and more.  You can see the tutorial on how to cover the box here:  BOX OF GOODIES   Now mine do not have the ribbon/bow on them.

I need to go finish mine and photo them. So come back tomorrow and see the finished project! 
Have a magical day!

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