Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Digital Studio Program ROCKS!

My Digital Studio. It is so much more than a "scrapbooking" tool. Basically, years and years ago I had a computer program called Microsoft Greeting 2000 by Hallmark. I used it for cards, invitations, tags, free typing, mailing labels, etc. The graphic were shall I say...very limited but doable.  I can not even show you a sample because the program is not compatible with my computer today so I lost all those saved files.  Anyways, with MDS I can do all that and much more! And the graphics and options are AMAZING x 2! 
Here is another way I used MDS: 
I took a simple card template from a download and changed it for a special bulletin for our youth Advent night at our church. I also did them in 5x7 black and white to save on ink, but when I got the bulletin on the Sunday before, our secretary Gail had printed them in 5x7 COLOR because they were so beautiful she said. We had a record number attend that Wednesday night youth service! 

I also use MDS for any flyers and announcements for my youth group. It has made all the difference in getting news out to the church and parents. Just taking that extra step to make things look nicer.
So run now and get a My Digital Studio Program! You will use it, I promise you!
3 more days til Christmas! Yippee!

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