Friday, June 29, 2012

MDS Blog Hop Friday - Swatchbooks!

I was inspired by two things on this swatchbook challenge project. First was something I saw on Pinterest (thanks Monika)and the second was my parents' pursuit to see all 50 States - an item on their bucket list! Here is the cover of the Swatchbook. I just added all the square punches from each state on the pages to this one and gave it a text title.
I used the Nifty Fifty punches, the Nifty Fifty stamp image State names and the Decorative Overlays #129880.  I created the swatchbook in MDS but had to create it horizontal and then group the states and names and turn them to view vertical instead. You can see this in the video that shows the complete view of the swatchbook. 
 The color filled boxes are for them to check off in Sharpie when they have visited that state. I will probably get this printed for them soon and leave as a book until they have finished traveling to all 50 states. Then I will separate the book and display them on a frame for them to marvel over that they accomplished their "50 States Mission". I wanted to show you the idea in MDS and since I have not printed this yet so I created a "fake" frame with the swatchbook tags displayed. You get the idea. :P
I hope you like the idea of using the swatchbook in a different way! Let me know what you think!
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brilliant idea, Cindy! I love how versatile the swatchbooks are and you rocked this project :)