Friday, July 27, 2012

MDS Blog Hop - Punchy!

I have to say that I cheated a little bit on this challenge. But I was playing with a beta version of the new MDS2 that we got at Convention (pretty cool huh?) and ran across this totally awesome punch template! Really I found it on the new feature called Designer Template Selection, #49 feature on the list they gave us of all 75 new features! You are able to search all your downloaded templates in one search area! FANTASTIC, huh?
Want to see more of MDS2 features? This page shows a bunch more. #10 Crop stamp image - the "new" is part of a stamp image that actually says Happy New Year. #29 Recolor Embellishments - the ribbon is recolored in Summer Starfruit and the rhinestone is recolored in Pool Party. # 40 - Text Tracking is where I was able to space my text lines even more.
So what does this page have to do with punches you ask? There are really 55 punches on this page! The chevron line are all made of the single chevron punch. Then the "friends" are in punch letters. Aly said to use as many punches we could. Well, I did!
The best part of this page is the photo of my new friends and I. Some of us MDS Blog Hop designers were able to meet up at Convention. With our crazy busy schedule too! That's Rochelle (with sweet baby Hannah), Erica, Holly, Jeanna and me! We missed Mandy, Heather and Aly for the pic. :( Next year! Hopefully Amber, Terri and Julie will be there too! Love you all!
I wanted to take a minute and thank Erica for coming up with this MDS Blog Hop nearly a year ago! For inviting all of us to join her! For this has opened doors for many of us to share our love of this wonderful program. This also has created new friendships and kindred spirits in the digital designing world. THANK YOU ERICA!
And THANK YOU for stopping by today! We could not do this without YOU!
Check out what my fellow MDS Blog Hop friends created this week! If someone is missing as you hop, just come back here and move to the next person.


Erica said...

Cindy, I love this and I love you! You are very welcome. Your work speaks for itself. :)

Wendie Waldman said...

Love this layout and all the news about MDS2.

Amber said...

wow - I am DYING to get my hands on MDS 2!! Wouldn't it be awesome to have an all-night MDS party? ;)

Karen H said...

Hi Cindy,

Since you have a beta version of MDS there an easier way to move the layers around? I don't like the fact that I have to send back a layer, sometimes 10 times, to get my layer where I want it.