Thursday, January 22, 2009

Disney Tip Thursday

Our TOP 5 Things to Do at the Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld! #5 Mad Tea Party - Hubby loves this ride for some insane reason! I am not a spinning ride person so he and the girls go on it together. It is "their" thing. They get it spinning pretty fast! FYI - Do not eat before riding this! Another neat tip is sometimes Alice and the Mad Hatter come over to ride this with guests. Very neat! #4 Tomorrowland Indy Speedway - Allison and I had to pick this one! I remember this ride when I was a little girl and driving with my Dad. It was so cool to drive it myself even if he pushed down the peddle to make it go. When Megan was 3, I did the ride with her. Then when Allison was 2, I went on with her and it is her favorite ride and it must be done each and every time we go to the MK. #3 Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin - It seems like we always do this ride at the end of the day at the park and at least twice due to low wait time. It is a great 5 minute interactive ride where you get on space cruisers that moves at a slow forward speed and you can make the vehicle spin around as they shoot at targets of Zurg. Read this for more tips on how to score big points on the ride! #2 The 3 Mountains - Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are the 3 coaster/water rides. Space Mountain is a very fast- in the dark roller coaster. It rocks! Splash Mountain is a log water ride that has a 5-story drop so plan on getting wet! Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a semi fast roller coaster that is a great coaster for the first time riders and young that measures 40". #1 Wishes - This 12 minutes of pure joy and hope are the highlight of MY trips! I even bought the CD of it and listen to it often. And yes, it can bring tears to my eyes. This firework display is released behind Cinderella Castle. Now you can see and hear thoughout the park but the best places to see Wishes are in the hub as you enter the park looking towards the castle, the Rose garden area if you want to see Tinker Bell fly overhead, center Main street near Casey's Hot dogs (shown above), and the train depot at the entrance (shown above) but with all of these....get there early to reserve your spot! Thanks for checking out our TOP 5 at Magic Kingdom! Next is TOP 5 at Epcot! Have a magical day! Cindy

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