Thursday, January 29, 2009

Disney Tip Thursday

The TOP 5 Things to do at Animal Kingdom in DisneyWorld! #5 Rafiki's Planet Watch - Newly discovered on our last trip! You have to take a small train ride to get to it. It is an amazing discovery into all that Animal Kingdom is all about. They have so many hands-on things and learning about the animals. Check out here:Rafiki's Planet Watch to read all about each part of it. Do not miss it! For all ages! #4 Festival of the Lion King - This is a great show with great music from the Lion King, great stunts, and great costumes! All ages will love this 28 minute show. It follows the original Lion King movie plot. Allison was 11 months old the first time we went and she just jumped on my lap and was glued to the stage. So cute! #3 Finding Nemo the Musical - We saw the last Tarzan show in the old theater and then Disney created this most amazing indoor magical musical show called Finding Nemo. This 30 minute show is basically the entire movie from start to finish with super cute songs. The puppetry is so colorful and interesting to watch. I thought the people singing were really good singers to my surprise. Waiting in line before the show is recommend and try to be sitted in the middle or center of the theater. #2 Kilimanjaro Safari - Feel transported half way around the world to a 100 acre African savannah as you board Disney's Kilimanjaro Safari jeeps! It it so amazing to see those live animals around you. I do not like the poacher story and think it is corny but it is Disney so they have to have a theme to go with a ride. My tip would be to get the park early and go get a Fastpass to either the Safari or Expedition Everest. Then run (it is across the park to the other side) to the other one you did not choose and wait in line. Last time, hubby went to get our Fastpass tickets to EE as we 3 waited in line for safari. (bathroom break was the reason to get back in line; everyone does that!) #1 Expedition Everest - A super fast, quick turns, 80 ft drop, backwards, in the dark with a scary beast roller coaster! LOVE IT! Hubby does not like the backwards thing to much. Megan and I think it makes the ride - terrifyingly AWESOME! This is a FastPass ride and I do recommend getting one if you can. We get a parent swap cause Allison can not ride it. Last time, I asked two teenage girls if they wanted to go on the ride with Megan and I cause I had the parent swap that you can take 3 people and yourself to get in the Fastpass lane. They were super excited! That was so fun to give a magical Disney moment to complete strangers! It was like I was on the Year of a Million Dreams Team! LOL Thanks for checking out our Disney Top 5 today! Next up is Top 5 at Hollywood Studios! Have a magical day! Cindy

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