Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Studio - All ribbon

Top o' the Morning to ya! I wanted to show you how I store my collection of ribbons. Stampin Up! created these great ribbon holders a few years back and they are a good deal to buy but they do have a couple of faults. The SU! ribbons does not move easily in them. The ribbon just hangs out of them and get mixed up with each other. After some trial and error by others, this is what i came up with for me. I used jumbo (must use the biggest ones) brads and my Crop -a-dile to make holes for the ribbon to come out and hold in place. And I would not buy the smallest ribbon holder again. I would get the medium and large only. I bought these with a friend and we split them because they come two to a package thru SU!. This is how I store all my other none SU! ribbon. I found these semi clear boxes in my gift wrapping supplies and thought I could use them! I have 4 large square and 2 rectangle. Then I placed them in colors theme. I got that Martha Stewart butterfly punch and had to create colored butterflies to sort of "label" the boxes. I think it works and looks pretty too! Here are the other two behind the browns and greens. If you think I have a lot of ribbon, I have seen worse! Talking mega ribbon piles! Where do I buy my ribbon? Hobby Lobby has great ribbon and it is usually 50% off back in the fabric department. Walmart has low price ribbon. Micheal's is another good one but little pricy. JoAnn's is the same. I love Stampin Up! ribbons and they are a good price too! Just takes forever to get them shipped these days. I placed an order March 5th and I just got my order yesterday. That is 7 business days or total of 11 days of waiting for my order. I was a little bummed and I let them know it, but I am having fun now that I got it and will show you new stuff next week! Check back tomorrow for more of my craft studio! Have a magical lucky day! Cindy Happy St. Patrick's Day! to all you that have a little Irish in you today!

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