Thursday, June 11, 2009

Disney Tip Thursday

I was reading on Mouseplanet some of the Disney news and articles and I found one that hit my memory bank. Back in 1989, hubby and I went on our first vacation together. Guess where we went? DISNEYWORLD! (funny to think about how Disney nuts I am NOW) We stayed off Hwy 192 at the Days Inn and bought a 4 day pass each. You could return one day pass for your money back if you did not use the 4th day. MGM (Hollywood) Studios had just opened that summer. And hubby took me to a character breakfast on the Empress Lilly with Mickey and the whole gang. Hubby was so excited to be there! Of course, we were the ONLY one in the place WITHOUT kids! Weird thing to see back then at a character breakfast. Now you ALWAYS see adults without kids at them! I can remember what I was wearing, seeing the families all around me, how tired I was cause it was 8am and standing outside the giant ferry boat waiting to get on and how quiet the area was around it. Not anymore! Downtown Disney is always packed and now Empress Lilly is Fulton's Crab House. Back in 1995, Disney leased it out and they changed the whole image and story. Not that I am complaining cause I love Fulton's Crab House. We have been many times and highly recommend it! Yummy seafood! Love the dip they give recipe out for, too. Anywoo, I saw this article and found the 30+ year history of the Empress Lilly very interesting, so I wanted to share it. By the way, Empress Lilly was named after Walt Disney's wife, Lilly. So sweet! Have a magical day! Cindy

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