Friday, February 26, 2010

No Mojo at all! But wait... a tip

Sorry all!  The mojo is a no go lately.  I was gone part of last weekend with the family and then this week was busy at work so no time to sit and create.  Plus the Olympics have been on and staying up late to watch them is hard on this old gal.  What an amazing Olympics it has been!  Go USA!  Canada should be very proud as they did a great job hosting these Winter games.
I hope to get to my studio this weekend as I am also having friends over to do some creating on Sunday!  I am sure I will have something to show all next week.  In the meantime, here is a tip from Angie Juda that I will be doing right away.  LABEL SPONGES  If you have never heard of Angie Juda, check out her blog here:  chic-n-scratch  She does awesome videos and her cards are simple and clean.  She also loves to share her ideas with all of us.  She is also well known by her Rag purse video...remember my purse that I made? 

I plan to store mine in a simple jewelry box to keep them separate.  You know the ones you can find at Walmart for like $2.  What do you do with these sponges you ask?  You use them with the ink to create soft edges on cardstock and add dimension and texture like this shown here and my sample of sponging next.

Have a magical day!

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