Friday, July 9, 2010

Goodbye gift for a good friend

Yesterday was one of my co-workers last day at my work.  She is such a great supporter of my blog and creations. When she saw my June summer strawberry plate post here: summer-display, she mentioned to me how much she loved that kind of display of monthly decorations.  BINGO! Perfect farewell gift especially made for Glynda! So I got out all of my seasonal stamps and cardstock and got right to work.  Some of them are like my set I made at Wendy's but I had to change a few because I did not have the same stamp set for that month.  If you want to see the individual months and how to make this then stop by all next week! 
Have a magical day!


KatheD said...

Lucky, lucky Glynda!

I LOVE these and have been trying for months to find a suitable plate - where did you find yours?

Mary Cavalier said...

How do you adhere the insert to the plate each month?