Thursday, March 10, 2011

MDS My Own Designer Paper within a Punch Tutorial

First open up a card layout or even a 12x12 or 8.5x11.  Fill the background with color at 95% opacity.  Next add your top note punch or the area you want.  Next add the stamp images in the same color as the background but at 100% opacity.
Remove your top note punch.  Next save as a jpeg file.  Go to Share Project, then Export to JPEG. Now you will want to bring it up in your files, copy and paste it into the compontents of your MDS program example Components/BackgroundPapers/DSP.  I have added a file called PHOTOS in my background dsp papers so I place mine there.
Go back to MDS program and open new file.  Begin to create your card with background.  Add top note punch.  Fill with dsp in the file that you move your dsp to.  Be sure to unclick rotate image with punch box when you double click to adjust your paper within the punch.
Finally, finish your card. I really love this challenge of taking the real card and creating a MDS card.  I am learning how to do cards in MDS as well as find some new techniques for MDS.
Have a magical day!

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Gail S. said...

Wow - thanks for the tutorial!! Beautiful card :)