Friday, March 18, 2011

MDS My Overlay Tutorial

Inspiration comes from many places.  On the MDS website this morning, Holly with SU posted about photo backgrounds.  I love this layout style of one large photo with little embellishing the page.  I have done it before in Heather's MDS class and in my Disney 2010 album.  So I started with this super cute page of my niece and her doggie.  Changed the photo to black and white first.
More inspiration came. The other day when getting my SU package, they are putting this cute thank you from Shelli our SU CEO.  I loved the look of the Day of Graditude Medallion image on it.  So I began to add the medallion in Going Gray to the photo.  I continue until the whole photo was covered.  You can copy and paste it numerous times.  Now when you go to save it, you might get an error code pop up. I called Tech Support about it and Tanner said that it was because of so many images on one page.  He said that they were just warnings that you were over-loading the program. It does save eventually, just continue to click ok ok ok ok over and over. 
Once it was filled with the images, I took each image and changed the opacity to 4%-35% depending on how much I wanted it to show.  The center has 4% and the gradually gets up to 35% on the edges. Above you can see how it looks with no photo behind it.  (If you advance users do the grouping tip to copy and paste the medallion image by rows, be sure to ungroup it before changing opacity and saving to jpeg.)

I love the title! It is like Abigail saying this to her pup pup Maggie.
Love to see what you come up with in doing your own overlay!  The other medallions from Artistic Etchings and Baroque Motifs, florish from Friends 24-7 and Always Elegant would be amazing!
Have a magical day!

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Katherine said...

Cute page! Love the new look of your blog :)