Monday, August 22, 2011

Covering the Magazine Holder Tutorial

Printed on Whisper White cardstock 8.5x11 with the Pocketful of Posies paper in My Digital Studio. You can use the real paper too! Cut your paper into strips. Mine are 2.5" x 11"  as I centered them with white edges showing on the front of the magazine holders.
Place one strip on the first holder and use small amount of  dotto snail to hold paper temporarily in place. 
Now you will see the hole from the inside of the holder. Take a pencil and trace the circle on the paper. 
Take paper off holder carefully.
Line up your 1" circle and punch out. 

Now add Tomboy glue or whatever permanent adhesive you use to secure paper in place on the holder.  Be sure to line up your bottom first with the hole in place. 
I just love how they turned out! I love organization and making all things look...well...organized and clean and matching and like in a magazine photo shoot! HA! Keeping it organized IS the challenging part!
Let me know if you use this for your magazine holders!
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