Thursday, November 13, 2008

Disney Trip (day 5 part 2) Thursday

I forgot to post about the remainder of our Disney trip. So we left Animal Kingdom and headed over to Epcot. We parked at the Boardwalk Resort and then walked into the back gate by the countries. We went to dinner at the restaurant in Mexico which will be the last time we eat there. They were overbooked, terrible food and slower than a turtle service. I just want to get out of there fast! We did many rides that night. We did get to do everything in the Living Seas this time. The girls loved the new Nemo Ride in the shells. We skipped seeing Illuminations and went and got in 25 min line for Soarin because the Fast Passes were out earlier. Great tip from a cast member! Ride the rides during the fireworks and no lines! Allison LOVED that ride!
Our silly family photo where we turn the camera around and squeeze together and see what we get. Megan's eyes are so funny! You can see the Epcot ball in the background.
The girls got to do a mask and have it signed at some of the countries. We ran out of time. They only have like 10 masks each at home!
Last picture is an idea I saw in the window scenes at Downtown Disney. I even bought some of those mickey lights to display on our Japanese Maple in the front. That did not work out this year. But I will try next year. Or I could take a tree branch and paint it black and put inside.
Overall it was another GREAT trip to Disney! How could you not have some fun at DisneyWorld?
Thanks for checking in!
Have a magical day!

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