Thursday, November 6, 2008

Front Page NEWS!

Cherokee Tribune - 7 Check out my local newspaper! I am on the front page!!! So exciting! Go to the bottom left under "today's trib" for November 6th and click to view larger front page. The photographer took my picture at the craft fair on Wednesday and never did I think I would be on the front page. Great exposure and FREE advertisement! You will see my handmade snowman wreath which is now in limited quantities. I counted that I had only nine left after the ones I sold today at the craft fair. At the begining of this craft show season, I swore that I would only make what I have left and that was it. Over 2 years, I have made 135 snowman wreaths!!! I have 6 of them in my house during the holidays. Megan has teal, I have a Grandma Green, Allison has pink, Red on front door, red and white snowflake inside and a white one for January. Just wanted to share in my excitement! Have a truly magical day! Cindy

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