Monday, November 3, 2008

Made for Monday

Here are some pictures from our great Halloween Night! Megan decided at the last minute to try and be a ghost. I knew this would not work but we tried. I got an old sheet, cut it up and once it was over her it went...not going to happen. So she went with the teenage witch idea. She wore one of my old skirts and then later changed into her own pink mini skirt. End of that. OY! We went to the City Park for a festival for 2 hours where Allison at least had a blast. She did the sack race...not falling down and winning it!! Then we came home to eat and trick or treat at the neighbors we know. Next was my friend Katie's Halloween party! It was themed after the Harry Potter 2nd movie. They had a scavanger hunt and good food and fun conversation. Howard went as Neo from the Matrix (in his black leather trenchcoat and I forgot to take pictures!) and I was a GEEK. I will be back tomorrow with a card instead of Disney Tuesday. I have a busy week ahead too. Craft shows and my Christmas card workshop! Have a magical day! Cindy

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