Thursday, December 4, 2008

Disney Tip Thursday

This is another Christmas event that you can NOT miss! The Candlelight Processional at Epcot. See this link on Deb's for all the details:
We did this in 2005. We had 8 people total with us that year so we select a Tier 3 dinner package. Pricy but worth it! Warning...I booked 6 months in advance for this! We decided to eat at LeCellier in Canada area. You must eat before the show. Very very good food but with 8 people and it was very busy that week before Christmas, we had a LONG dinner (2.5hours). Did not plan on that happening so we ended up missing the lighting ceremony of the Epcot tree at 6pm. After dinner, we went over to the American Gardens Theatre in the center of the countries. With the dinner package, you get VIP seating for each and no waiting in line for a seat. It would have been a 45 min to 1 hour wait in line to get a seat. Our narrator was Jim Caviezel from "Passion of the Christ" movie. Being a devout catholic, he was very moving and emotional through out. He narrated the story of Christmas with such passion in between songs done by the Mass choir and 50-piece orchestra. Truely moving and uplifting experience! I even bought the CD to it to listen to it at home.
So you do not have 6 months to book this, but you can still go see it if you would like to wait in line for a seat or you can hear the music near the area if you just want to hear it. One thing, remember to bundle up cause it is outside and in Dec 2005 it was FREEZING COLD! Yes, FREEZING cold in Florida!
Have a magical day!

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