Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Disney Tip Tuesday

If you are at Epcot during the holiday season then you want to try to see many of the countries' Storytellers. Each of the 11 countries has one. You can see them all here at Deb's Allears.net. Click on pictures on this page to read the stories.
We got to see just two of them in 2005. You really have to time yourself in Epcot if you really want to see ALL of them. They have set times that they come out. See your times schedule sheet when you enter the park that day. Just walking around the countries, you may get to catch just a few of them and mostly at the end of it. Ones to not miss are Norway, France, England and Germany. Tip - If you are mapping out which one to see, get to the country 10-15 min before the storyteller starts to get a good front row spot.
Another thing to not miss in Epcot is the decorations! The poinsettas are all over the place. Each store within the countries are decorated, so I love to scope them out. Here is a wreath made up with the ornaments they sell. Great decorating ideas!
Have a magical day!

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