Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Disney Tip Tuesday

This updated news took me by surprise!
So that means if you are planning a trip to Disney and you want to book meals, tours and anything else then you need to wait 90 days from your arrival to do so. So why the problem, it is still 3 months out? But you use to have 6 months out! For us planners, that can be a problem cause we LOVE to plan way ahead of time! Crazy me huh? So our September 2009 trip, I have to wait until June to plan where I could have booked it all in March! LOL
Also, if you are planning to buy tickets, then you might want to do it sooner than later since Disney usually does a price increase in the first of January. Now with the economy the way it is, they may not. However, the new promo of a free ticket to Disney on your birthday has been a huge success so far, so they may increase prices to make up some of that money. Who knows?
One more thing...if you are there during New Year's Eve then you want to search this link: http://allears.net/tp/nyeve.htm to go thru what you can do. I would love to go to the Atlantic Dance Hall for New Year's Eve Dance All Night Long! Most of the parks are open til 1:00 am. Plan 90 days out for your dinner that night!
Have a magical day!

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