Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disney Tip Tuesday

Finally back to some Disney tips! Our countdown begins to our September trip so I have been inspired recently while reading some Disney news. Here is a tip I found on AllEars.net: When visiting a princess breakfast, bring along a Princess T-shirt from the Disney Store back home. Using a Sharpie, we asked the princesses to sign the shirt instead of an autograph book. (Our daughter is 3 and cannot read anyway.) "Emma" wore her Cinderella dress from home with shorts under to the breakfast. When the meal was over, we changed into the newly signed shirt and sent the Cinderella dress plus some new magnets back to the resort. She got compliments on the shirt all day long. Using a permanent Sharpie keeps the signatures looking like new. EDITOR'S NOTE: What really helps is if you have the shirt against something hard to write on, like the table or a clipboard. Also be sure to stretch out the fabric while it's being signed. Remember, not all characters may be able to sign T-shirts due to their "hands." Best to bring the shirt and have the characters sign it because they will not sign it if it on the child. Good tip! I will show you on Thursday my idea for a character signing book that I made for our little friend Alexa. Have a magical day! Cindy

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