Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Disney Tuesday

Today's Tip: Rachelle says:

Only purchase things ONCE. We repack the light-up toys we bought a few years ago. Same with the water bottle lanyards, pin lanyards, etc. Anything that you will repeatedly need each year, SAVE IT. We have a small container that is decorated as the "Disney Box." Since we drive to WDW, it goes with us every year. As soon as we get home, the autograph books, lanyards, light-up toys, etc. go in the box for the next trip. Taped to the underside of the lid is a list that I start replenishing with the very next grocery trip. I choose one or two things each trip, that way it doesn't eat into our budget (extra batteries, rain ponchos, refills for the first aid kit, and snacks closer to the trip).

Since owning DVC, we too have a Disney box. Holds all the above listed as well as Mickey towels and kitchen accessories that we use. I have a Disney backpack and fanny pack that I used each trip. Coffee filters cause Disney only gives you two free and they are the basket kind you will need. Disney popcorn containers that I simply refill to take. We bought those yellow Mickey rain ponchos back in 1989 and we still have them and use them if needed. The girls have Princess rain ponchos. Have a magical day! Cindy

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