Monday, October 5, 2009

Disney Trip Recap

Well, all is back to normal around here. I got my desk cleared off, house cleaned, bushes trimmed, laundry done and even some stamping done!
We had a WONDERFUL trip to DisneyWorld! Beautiful weather all week, fun times with the cutest kids (all four) and hanging out with my BFF and her hubby. Lots happened on the home front with the flooding in GA, college kid's drama and my father's motorcycle accident. But we had little damage in our garage due to flooding, kid survived her trouble, and my Dad broke only his ankle. Need a drink after Wednesday's call about my Dad. I WAS on vacation!
Here was one of the most fun nights we had at WDW. We decided to be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. But because of the heat, we went with the t-shirt costume idea. We got several compliments on them.
Marisa - Sleepy
Megan - Sneezy
Jason - Doc
Howard - Grumpy
Cindy - Happy
Alexa - Bashful
Jory - Dopey
Allison - Snow White
So I will go over some trip details in the next few days with pictures too!
Have a magical day!

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