Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Made for Monday/Tuesday

I had every intention of posting last night but what a Monday I had! Megan, my oldest DD, had ingrown toenail surgery yesterday. PURE FUN! The hardest part was the numbing of the big toe. IT HURT! She is in a post surgery boot and looks like her Papa with his foot cast all proped up on a pillow while sitting. The pain of it hit her about 2am so she is tired this morning. We still have to soak it once we undercover the bandage to see how it looks.

So here are some cute Halloween treats that I made for my craft show. The punches are from Heather's Simple punches class. The lollipops are Carmel Apple Lollipops which are so yumm-o! The idea for the lollipop covers came from Dawn at Dawns Stamping Thoughts blog. She did some Valentine ones last year and I cased them. Very simple to make!

Off to wake Megan up to soak the big toe!
Have a magical day!
What is up with blogspot? Posting this morning is weird!  UPDATE: fixed it! Blogspot did an upgrade on posting and it is strange so my posts may look different from now on.

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