Wednesday, September 14, 2011

East of Main Salon projects

My friend and hairdresser Angie asked me a few weeks ago to come up with a gift card certificate for her new salon opening October 1st. She told me the colors she was going with and the font of her logo and her style/theme.  I first did this in My Digital Studio and printed it so we could see if I was going in the right direction. She loved it and could not believe how well it matched her fabrics and paints and theme. This was my first real draft of the project.  Pretty much stayed the same except for the E was changed to English Vivace font and sized down to fit the burlap bags.  I created parts fo this in MDS and used real materials to make it.
These were printed on Very Vanilla cardstock and then punched out with the decorative label punch and sponged with Crumb Cake.

These were printed on Crumb Cake cardstock and cut to size for the front of the GC.

She loved it so much that now I am doing her matching gift certificates, thank you cards, tags, signs, bags, burlap bags, and Christmas cards for her salon! I am so honored that she loves what I made for her to put my design in her entire salon! 
So now you know why I have been MIA for the past week.
I will show you how I used more of the MDS program to create the other pieces.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Mandy Grant said...

Where's the LIKE button when you need it. hehehe
These are so elegant, I'm sure your friend was overjoyed, Cindy! I hope you stamped you'r info on the back might get some more orders!