Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I (heart) Pinterest! Pantry style.

I have to confess. 
 I am a Pinterest addict.!
My favorite is the DYI - do it yourself section. The projects will spark some craftyness inside you! 
So remember the pantry makeover with labels on Friday's post. I was not done there. I wanted a place to put remember notes or a grocery needs list. That way when we are low on something I could just jot it down and post it all in one place then collect them all when I was heading to the grocery store on my weekly run there.
You need the following supplies:
12x12 corkboard tiles
hot glue gun and sticks
spray adhesive
1/2 yard of fabric 
Cut fabric 14x14.
Spray the adhesive (doing this outside would be better) on one side of the corkboard tile. Just a little will to the trick. Then position your fabric on top and smooth out the wrinkles.
Flip over and start to glue down the fabric sides with the glue gun. Everyone has a way to the corners differently.  I did two opposite sides then trimmed the corners. Then did the next two sides and tried to lay as flat as I could. The first one was a trial run and the next two tiles went smoother.  I used LOTS of glue.
This is what it looks like all glue down and finished. 
Then I took the super sticky adhesive tabs that came with the tiles and put them on. 
Here are my finished pantry boards.  What do you think?  I just need to find some cute push pins and cut some white 3x3 paper and perhaps attach a pen on the side of one with some ribbon.
Then I made two smaller versions in the 6x6 corkboard tiles for another cabinet holding our spices and meds.  Then I can remember the next time to get more Claratin!
Go check out Pinterest HERE and find me there! You can become a follower of my boards and see what Pinterest things I will be making next!
Have a crafty day!

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