Friday, November 16, 2012

MDS Blog Hop Friday - Childhood

This was a fun challenge to do! Thanks Holly! I actually had been working on this page already and so this gave me the inspiration I needed to complete it. The photo boxes filled with the same photo is one of the cool new features in MDS2. You add your photo boxes as you like, group them together and then drag your photo into the group. I added some photos of my favorite childhood places in Ohio. If you are from Ohio then you KNOW Cedar Point well. I am proud to say that I have road the Gemini roller coaster 36 times in a row in one day! I love that ride!
I think my favorite part is the Text on a Path above the image of the state. I made the freeform line follow the shape of the state and then added the text. And of course in true fashion and honor, the colors are Buckeye crimson and gray. Go Bucks!
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Kimberly Van Diepen said...

YOU are so smart. I love how you used the theme and took pictures of favorite places in your childhood. That is so smart. Love this page and love the text on a path. XOXO

Carol said...

Beautiful page, Cindy! I am from Ohio but have never actually been to Cedar Point. I did see it across the bay once when we visited my daughter when she lived in Sandusky for a few years. We live in the southeastern part of the state down near WV.

Holly VanDyne said...

What??? You're from Ohio? NO WAY! (Do you know that's where I live and am from?) We LOVE LOVE LOVE Cedar Point - but the Gemini gives me headaches! LOL What a great page and I love that we can do that with the photo boxes - what a cool way to show it! :)

Diane Squires said...

Love this page Cindy! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Going to miss Tuesday night digi crops. Who's idea was it to take such a log break? lol