Thursday, October 2, 2008

Disney Trip Thursday (day 2)

Day 2 - Tuesday So we got up super late and then went to the pool. I forgot my camera so no pictures but we had so much fun swimming and shooting each other with the horse water guns at the pool. Allison decided that this trip she was going to swim on her own and no swimmy jacket. She started holding her nose to go under the water. Just having water on her face is amazing itself. Then she swam by herself with no help or support from mommy. No slide at this pool but wait til you hear what happened on Day 4! (next thursday post) That night we had the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom! As you can see, all children and adults can get dressed up. Well, Megan and I opted not to wear our pretty Minnie Mouse dresses because it was so hot. That did not stop Howard though! He was a riot as Captain Jack Sparrow!!! He was going down with his ship(truck) in that picture above. Love this picture of Allison with the Minnie ears on. She went as Sharpay from High School Musical. But changed out of that after about 2 hours. Howard made it 3 hours til we bought a new Donald t-shirt and he changed. Several families, couples etc were dressed up that night. Wish I had taken pictures to show. We saw lots of Jack and Sally, a whole family as Peter Pan characters including Tick Tock alligator, Greek gods and goddesses, clowns, Captain Hook, Race car team, Witches, and more. Megan and I got to wear our Minnie Ears but not the dresses this time. They also gave us treat bags and we could go to trick or treat spots to get candy. We got 4 bags of candy! Every ride was a 5 minute wait. So over the span of two days at the Magic Kindgom we did 19 rides/shows. And yes we did get the girls on the Haunted Mansion on day 1 but not this night. It was creepy looking and too dark as Megan said. Girls got a front row spot for the Boo to You Parade. They were thrilled! They passed out candy at the end. Picture of the front of entrance and train station all lite up for the special night. We watched the Hallo-Wishes Fireworks show. Like Wishes by a Halloween theme with Disney Villians talking. We got a better spot in front of castle this time. We could see the castle stage show, parade and fireworks from the spot. Crowds were minimal cause they only sell a limited number of tickets to this type of event. It was GREAT! Definitely worth the money! So happy we went and we will go again next year! Have a magical spooky day! Cindy

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Courtney said...

I love all the Disney pictures! You Schusters know how to vacation well. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming. ~Courtney