Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disney Trip Thursday (day 5 part 1)

This was a marathon day for the Schusters' in Disneyworld! Two parks, character meal, tons of rides, and good memories to remember forever. Now you know why this will take two posts to cover.
We started the day at the Animal Kingdom with Donald's Safari Breakfast. Donald was a little grumpy that morning and did not stay around long. But Daisy and Mickey made up for it. Our only other problem was the food, ok but not great. We like Chef Mickey's breakfast buffet. Plus we all were not that hungry. We all got our pictures with the favorite characters as you can see!
Next we went on the Safari ride. It was amazing! We saw so many animals in the savannah area. The driver even stopped twice for an emergency problem and we just sat in the middle of the area with animals all around us. Usually they just keep moving right along and you miss something. The giraffe is a new baby born in May 2008 and the elephant baby was born just last month. See it under his mother's legs. Love to see the babies! Last time was a baby rhino.
We got to see one of the last "Pocohontas and Her Forest Friends" show. A first time event for us and we loved it! Megan had the camera and snapped like 50 pictures during the show. The girl had a great singing voice!
Another first was taking the train to Rafiki's Animal Watch. A must see! Great learning area about the animals and seeing characters like Pocohontas, Rafiki and Jimmy Cricket!
Finally around 4pm and right before the parade, we left Animal Kingdom. Here is our last picture in the park in front of Expedition Everest. We rode that several times of course.
Off to Epcot at night! But have to save that for Tuesday!
Have a magical day!

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