Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Sorry, I am having trouble with old monster computer at home.  Hopefully I will get something on tomorrow or later thru laptop. 
Yesterday was still busy as we are in the process of switching bedrooms with the girls.  I am purging lots of toys and old baby items too.  I cried at least twice yesterday and sneezed about 100 times due to dust.  I decided that I am going to make a memory box for each child.  So now I am going to search for a large enough heavy cardboard box with a lid to decoupage with papers.  They need to be pretty large to hold all their childhood memories.  Maybe a large plastic container and decoupage it instead?  Anyone ever try decoupage on plastic items? Hum...
Catch ya later!
p.s. do not get use to the new look of the blog....only temporary til I find what I really want.

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mkc said...

it works great. Talk to you soon.

Maureen C.