Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Today I wanted to show you how I used Definitely Decorative by Stampin Up.  Our family got two laptops for Christmas this year.  Well, we had one and decided that enough of the fighting on who was on the laptop, so we got another one.  Howard works for IBM so we got a deal. We boxed them both up and gave them to the girls together on Christmas morning.  Anywoo, the laptops look exactly the same!  So I asked the girls to look thru the Definitely Decorative catalog here:  Definitely Decorative and let me know what they wanted on the top of their laptops with some help from me as well.

Megan picked Friends are Forever in White and Real Red.

Allison picked Upsy Daisies in Pretty in Pink.
They were so easy to put on by just following the directions.  Best thing, they can come off without destroying the laptop finish.  So far, it has been a month and no peeling off either.  We all love the look too!  This is just ONE way for using these vinyl elements in your home.  So be sure to check out the product line!
Have a magical day!

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