Wednesday, February 9, 2011

with LOVE always

Today's creations were inspired by 2010 Artisian Winner Angela Timms on her blog here:  I saw these super cute accordian flowers many time over the past year or so and wanted a challenge to finally get around to making one.
I used a 4 x12 piece of paper.  Score every 1/2" on the 12" side til the end.  Then cut into two 2" pieces.  Fold on the scores and adhere them together.  Then swish down to make the flower.  I used hot glue to hold mine with a 1 3/4" punched circle. I hot glued the stick to the back. See pic below.
Some I made with the bamboo skewers and one was a magnet. I made these for the ladies in my office for Valentine's Day.  Our SWEET bosses always gives each of us one rose and a little cash bonus and I thought these would look nice in the vases.
The center of the flowers were done on My Digital Studio.  I used the Love stamp image from XOXO.  It is a large image at firt. So I selected a 1  1/4" circle punch onto a plain 8.5x11 sheet.  Then edit the size of the stamp image to fit just inside the punch image.  Tip learned from Mandy's video. Changed the color to Real Red.  Added Very Vanilla CK Ali font text boxes to the top "with" and to the bottom "always".  Copied all images and passted several to make a bunch of these on the same page.  Print out and punch with real 1 1/4" circle punch.
This shows that the back of them are 1 3/4" circle punch in Real Red.  It helps when putting these together and finishes off the back of it.
Have a magical day!

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