Thursday, September 11, 2008

Disney Tip Thursday

I am in the middle of packing for our trip, so I thought I would cover...things to not forget for your trip. I use this list from and then updated it to fit our needs.

Address book and stamps, so you can send out postcards to friends and family at home. Include e-mail addresses so you can send virtual postcards from Innoventions in Epcot Anti-bacterial lotion - This was a must before all meals when we couldn't get to water. Pack an Autograph book and a fat pen (so the characters can hold it) Backpack or Tote bag- to store cameras, ponchos, snacks, etc. in. Band-Aids , Kleenex, Aspirin!!! Bathing suits Batteries - or rechargeable batteries with charger Beach Towels - For the water parks. Disney resorts provide towels for the pools. Beach Shoes - those rubber-soled stretchy neon shoes, for walking to the pool, or at one of the water parks, no need to go barefoot and stub your toes. Bottled Water - if you're driving and can throw a case in the car it makes it that much easier to grab some water on your way out each day. Bottle of wine and the opener! Howard's must have on trip! Disposable Camera and digital camera with large SD card - Megan is taking pictures of Epcot countries for her World Club at school. Cell phones with charger Contact lenses - make sure you bring *both* a spare set and your glasses. Cooler - a soft, collapsible one to tote sandwiches and drinks to the water parks (not allowed in main parks) Fanny pack for you - I bought a new system at in Crazy Daisy. I got the wallet, cellphone pouch, key holder, belt and water bottle holder! Small Flashlight - for reading maps in dark waits Gum - If you like to chew it, buy it in advance; you won't find any for sale on Disney property Hats - straw, baseball whatever...something to bounce the sun off! Insect repellant and Sunscreen - adults and kids Lip Stuff - like Blistex or Chapstick - with sunscreen! Permanent Markers Nail clippers and file, tweezers, Q-tips Needle and thread Portable DVD player and DVD movies - For the long trip there or late at night to get to sleep or for a raining moment and stuck in hotel. Rain Poncho and Umbrellas- So you can still go around the park even while raining. Sensible shoes -- Comfy, well-broken in shoes are essential. This isn't the time to try a new pair of shoes. If you must get new shoes for your trip, be sure to break them in well before you depart for Florida. Swimming goggles Sunglasses Tickets (or reservation numbers) - Parks, airline, hotel, car rental or meals confirmation numbers Ziploc Bags - I always find a use for these. Buy a large bag of snacks and fill/refill snack bags each bag.

Money Fairy - Would that not be nice? I need her now! My transmission in my van is being replaced today. Nothing like last minute before vacation!

Back to packing and praying my van gets done on Friday! 2 MORE DAYS! Have a magical day!


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