Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Disney Tip Tuesday

Do you know about Disney's Photopass? So you walk into the Magic Kingdom and immediately you are asked if you would like a photo taken in front of the castle. SAY YES! No worries, it is all free (right then). Then the photographer gives you a card that will have your picture on it and you can later go and look at them at the town hall service center or whatever. But do not stop there! Everytime you see a Disney photographer anywhere in the parks that day or the rest of your days in the parks on your trip, use that card to have ALL your pictures put on it. TIP : Put you last name on the card with a sharpie pen in case you lose it or the photographer mixed your up with someone else. And no you do not have to view them that day. Actually you can wait to view them til you get home from your trip! Then you have to sign up on Disney's photopass.com and you have 30 days to view them, email them to family and friends, and purchase them. Now I have used Photopass for each trip and bought individual pictures until this last trip in November 2007. I decided to try, make and buy an album. It was so easy! Better yet was that I could download to the website, my own photos to put in the album and use their photos too. It cost 69.95 but so worth it! I did not have to scrapbook it (although I did add some elements to the album to add some scrapbooking qualities)! Check out more details here: http://allears.net/tp/ppass.htm Direct link to Disney's Photopass http://www.disneyphotopass.com/default.aspx Have a magical day! As Allison said this morning "5 more days til Disney!!!!" Cindy

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