Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Disney Tip Tuesday

If you ever are in Downtown Disney shops and restaurants area at WDW, then you wanted to go into the Art of Disney store. It attaches to a scrapbook/note/frame part of a store. There is a board behind the checkout register with a list of states that guests have come in that day. If you are there at the right time and pick the state NOT on the list, then you will be... GUEST OF THE DAY! Megan did as you see in the picture. (it was Hawaii) She got a special Disney pen and magical certificate and her picture taken which they put in a big book and save throughout the years. Very cool! She was so thrilled and it made her day! PFN: Megan is really loving school this year. She tried out and made Chorus. Then she was voted by her class for Student Council! She is breaking out of her shy shell. So proud of her! Tomorrow is picture day at school! No doubt I will have to get up much earlier to straighten the girls' hair. And then fighting over the picture background color with them. They say BLUE or RED... and I say GRAY! I made so many cute and fun projects over the weekend visit with Maureen and her friend, Michelle. (THANKS LADIES!) I have lots to show you over the next few weeks! Taking pictures of it all tonight. Have a magical day! Cindy

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